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Now showcasing LIVE events from over 4,384 high schools from 49 states and 7 countries

Don't miss capturing the best moments of high school. Capture them LIVE in HD with your iPad, iPhone, Droid Device or Laptop…

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  • We host a Hyper-Local TV channel for every high school across the nation - we call these “Cubes”
  • School broadcast clubs, coaches, teachers and approved parents and students can Broadcast their events LIVE – from mobile devices, laptop’s and pro systems - to their Cube
  • Each event can be instantly clipped by anyone to capture the most exciting parts
  • Each event is recorded so everyone can relive the moments forever.
  • Students, family and friends can watch the LIVE events, replays and highlights on ANY device
  • It's completely free for you to broadcast and your viewers to watch
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