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Hinsdale South Holiday Classic. Game 24. Sandburg vs. Metea Valley

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Cubes: Carl Sandburg,  Metea Valley,  Hinsdale South Holiday Classic

HSC Broadcast on 12/29/11 7:40p-9:15p

Broadcasted by: HSC Productions

Broadcasted in the following channels: Carl Sandburg High School,  Metea Valley High School,  Hinsdale South Holiday Classic

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Event Info

In a very closely contested battle, Metea Valley got the win over Sandburg. Sandburg led early and often in this one but, just like their last game, Metea Valley came roaring back and got the win and now will face Schaumburg in the championship game in 24 hours.

Hinsdale South Holiday Classic. Game 24. Thursday, December 29, 2011. Tip-off 7:45pm Central Time

Final Score: 62 CAR, 66 MET

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