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Metea Valley IHSA Regional 2012. Metea Valley vs Geneva

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Metea, the early favorites found themselves quite the match up in the Geneva Vikings. Both teams got off to a slow start but turned up the heat on the boards as well as from the field in the second quarter resulting in a halftime tie. The second half featured much the same as the game stayed even and both teams entered the fourth tied at 32 and the first 3 minutes of the fourth was no different. The teams traded baskets, traded fouls, and traded fast breaks, playing a very even game that was ultimately decided by defense and free throws, and Metea had just that to hold on to a 45-42 victory.

Metea Valley IHSA Regional 2012. Metea Valley vs Winner Game 1. Tuesday, February 28, 2012. 7:30pm central time

Final Score: 42 GENEVA, 45 MET

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