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Spring Choral Concert 2014

c u b e
Cubes: Adlai E Stevenson,  North Suburban Conference

Student Broadcast on 5/14 6:52p-10p

Broadcasted by: The Stevenson Broadcast Network

Broadcasted in the following channels: Adlai E Stevenson High School,  North Suburban Conference

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Event Info

Spring Concert Solos:

Stevenson Chorus: "O Sifuni Mungu"
Solo 1: Emily Pease
Solo 2: Rachel Baeq
Solo 3: Kelley Cronin
Solo 4: Neeraja Kadiyala
Solo 5: Katelin Cooper
Solo 6: Noah Silver

Advanced Chorus: "Like A Prayer"
Solo 1: Hannah Behm
Solo 2: Monique Hsu
Solo 3 (improv): Maggie Rengers

Patriot Singers: "Time After Time"
Solo 1: Jamie Sergay
Solo 2: Erica Jaeckel
Solo 3: Lara Braverman

Patriot Singers: "The Longest Time"
Solo 1: Jacob Shellist
Solo 2: Landen Rosenbloom
Solo 3: Jack Dreyer
Solo 4: Alex Knezevic

Patriot Singers: "Some Nights"
Solo: Nicole Westley

Circle of Life:
Opening solo: Mikey Barker

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