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Varsity High School Football - Carmel Catholic at Saint Viator

c u b e
Cubes: Saint Viator,  Carmel Catholic,  East Suburban Catholic

HSC Broadcast on 9/14/12 6:53p-10p

Broadcasted by: HSC Productions

Broadcasted in the following channels: Saint Viator High School,  Carmel Catholic High School,  East Suburban Catholic

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Event Highlights

Intro 0:23
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Nick Grandolfo marches into the endzone as the Lio
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Josh Walinksi runs it into the endzone for a Corsa
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Bob Calmeyn finds Ben Dickey in the endzone for a
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Interception by Jim Murphy for St. Viator to seal 0:36
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Joe Faerber catches the 8-yard TD pass for the gam 0:26 Top Clip
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Nick Grandolfo scores on a TD run late in the 4th 0:28
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47-yard catch and touchdown run for John Balas to 0:31 Top Clip
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19-yard touchdown run for Nick Grandolfo. 0:32
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Touchdown Josh Walinski Carmel Catholic gets their 0:26
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St. Viator's Ben Dickey catches a 23-yard pass for 0:31
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