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Guest speaker and member of the 2013 Kubasaki HS graduating class, Adrian Cauguiran shares his inspirational story. By melding his entrepreneurial spirit with philanthropy, Cauguiran redefined achievement as a high school student. Before securing the second-most YouTube subscribers in Japan and earning $175,000 on the sale of his first business—as a high school freshman no less—Cauguiran dedicated his formative years to providing free computer tutorials to the world.

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Cubes: Kubasaki High School, Kubasaki High School

Created on 6/18/13 5:19a

Clipped by: Charly Hoff

Featured in: Kubasaki High School  |  Kubasaki High School

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2013 DoDEA Pacific Gradcast: Kubasaki High School 2013 DoDEA Pacific Gradcast: Kubasaki High School