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Del Valle High School

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Learning is a treasure at Del Valle High School that will follow you everywhere. Del Valle High School is located at 5201 Ross Rd, Del Valle, Texas 78617-2257 and has approximately 2051 students in grades 9 to 12.

5201 Ross Rd, Del Valle, Texas, 78617-2257

(512) 386-3200

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WESTWOOD WARRIORS vs. Del Valle Cardinals (Kelly Reeves Stadium), 6:30pm Pre-game, 7pm 3:04:40
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Lake Travis Cavaliers vs. Del Valle High School 2:37:33
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Westlake vs Del Valle 2012

Westlake vs Del Valle 2012

Broadcast on 10/19/12 7:20p by Jeff Strange from WHSTEC

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Vandegrift High School vs Del Valle High School Varsity Basketball Game 1:44:18
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Georgetown High School at Del Valle High School, Varsity Football Game 2:59:48
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