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Joliet Catholic Academy Baseball Part of the East Suburban Catholic Conference

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Learn as much as you can while you're at Joliet Catholic Academy since life becomes too busy later. Joliet Catholic Academy is located at 1200 N Larkin Ave, Joliet, Illinois 60435-3777 and has approximately 857 students in grades 9 to 12.

1200 N Larkin Ave, Joliet, Illinois, 60435-3777


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2011-2012 Varsity Boys Baseball

number name role position class
Chris Blatti Player
Jared Voss Coach
1 Tommy Smith Player
2 Adam Collins Player
3 Alex Volitik Player
4 Adam Gudac Player
5 Zach Melone Player
6 Chris Tschida Player
7 John Trotto Player
8 Cal Placher Player
9 Block Pluth Player
10 Ryan Peter Player
11 Ira Hughes Player
12 Adrian Nunez Player
13 Jon Nonnie Player
14 Ben Figura Player
21 Kevin DuChene Player
22 John Chignoli Player
23 Nate Searing Player
24 Nick Dalesandro Player
25 Sam Couch Player
33 Sean Chamberlin Player
34 Cam Grubisick Player
44 Matt Testa Player
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