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Lake Travis High School

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Lake Travis Cavaliers Austin, TX

3324 Ranch Rd 620 S, Austin, Texas, 78738-6801

(512) 533-6100

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2012 Varsity Football

number name role position class
1 Romey Kelso Player RB Junior
2 Brock Kenyon Player DB Senior
3 Shaun Nixon Player RB Junior
4 Cody Reichle Player DB Senior
5 Zach Austin Player WR Senior
6 Tyler Payne Player WR Junior
8 Stefon Vidovic Player LB Junior
9 David Hourin Player DB Senior
10 Zach Davies Player DE Junior
11 Baker Mayfield Player QB Senior
12 Preston Dupre Player WR Senior
13 Grant Foster Player WR Sophomore
14 James Bailey Player DB Sophomore
15 Nick Medina Player QB Senior
16 Tucker Moore Player WR Senior
17 Hagen Patterson Player LB Junior
18 Dean Young Player DB Senior
19 Dominic Packer Player RB Junior
20 Kevin Marcotte Player K Senior
21 Andrew Bennet Player DB Senior
22 Hunter Streuling Player DB Senior
23 Walter Baird Player WR Junior
24 Troy Stevenson Player WR Senior
25 Zach Joiner Player RB/WR Senior
26 Travis Henry Player WR Senior
27 Nick Brooks Player DB Junior
28 Cameron Marsh Player RB Junior
29 Vince Villagomez Player DB Senior
30 Michael Islava Player DE Junior
32 Zach Meganck Player DE Senior
33 Jacob Pate Player DB Senior
34 Connor Shannon Player DE Senior
35 Zach Stewart Player DE Senior
40 Spencer Staples Player DT Senior
42 Jason York Player LB Sophomore
45 William Argueta Player LB Senior
48 Dylan De La Garza Player LB Senior
50 Ryan Dolmanet Player OL Junior
51 Elliot de Laat Player OL Junior
52 Drake Rowland Player OL Senior
53 Sean Peacock Player DT Junior
65 Hunter Siddons Player OL Senior
66 Jarrell Kliefoth Player DT Senior
68 Gus Crutcher Player OL Senior
70 Hunter Hamilton Player OL Senior
72 Brandon Quinterro Player DT Senior
72 Jackson Bailey Player DT Senior
73 Zach Dillon Player OL Senior
74 Colby Schreib Player OL Senior
75 Jake Adams Player OL Junior
76 Ty Anderson Player OL Junior
77 Chris Penna-Villa Player DT Senior
78 Tanner Volpe Player OL Junior
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