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Naperville Central High School Hockey Part of the Illinois High School Hockey League (IHSHL) West Division Conference

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Savor the moments that are warm and special at Naperville Central High School. Naperville Central High School is located at 440 Aurora Ave, Naperville, Illinois 60540-6298 and has approximately 3056 students in grades 9 to 12.

440 Aurora Ave, Naperville, Illinois, 60540-6298

(630) 420-6422

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2013-14 Varsity Hockey

number name role position class
4 Eric Flakus Player D Junior
7 Kyle Widman Player D Senior
8 Ryan Brooks Player F Sophomore
9 SCOTT DUNSIRE Player F Junior
11 CHAPMAN CURTIS Player D Senior
12 Eric Wilke Player D Sophomore
15 Drake Williams Player F Junior
17 TROY NELSON Player F Junior
18 JON SOBIESKI Player F Junior
19 KYLER WUJCIGA Player F Junior
27 Gerik Lybik Player D
39 Cody Horvath Player G Sophomore
56 Matthew Bulley Player G
57 Randy Cheung Player F
59 Scott Lapoe Player D Junior
66 CONNOR ANDREES Player F Junior
77 Jake Kapicak Player F
89 DARREN SONESON Player F Senior
93 Christopher Zajac Player F Senior
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