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Diego Herrera

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Diego Herrera is a high school student at Immaculate Conception Prep(IC Catholic) in Elmhurst, Illinois. Herrera plays OL, DL in Football on 2011 Immaculate Conception High School Varsity Football Team, and OL/DL in Football on 2012-2013 Varsity football for Immaculate Conception Prep(IC Catholic). Diego Herrera's Video Cube features 7 High School Football Videos, Highlight Clips, Pictures and Stats from match-ups against St Edward Central Catholic High School and Chicago Christian High School.

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Prior Events

St Edward vs. Immaculate Conception 2:38:30
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HIgh School Football - Immaculate Conception at Aurora Central Catholic 2:09:07
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Guerin Prep High School at Immaculate Conception High School, Varisty Football Game 2:29:09
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Aurora Christian School at Immaculate Conception High School, Varsity Football Game 2:52:56
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Immaculate Conception High School at Marmion Academy, Varsity Football Game 2:36:55
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